UMMSS Committee 2023

This year’s committee consists of over 50 medical students, with many more involved in our subcommittees. Click on the links to contact the relevant committee member.

Note: if the email links are not working please troubleshoot here

Executive Team

President – Elizabeth Hu
Vice President External – Wui Chen
Vice President Internal – Michael Barrese
Secretary – Emily Bugeja
Treasurer – Molly Wang
Community & Wellbeing Officer – Lillian (Lily) McCann
First Nations Officer – Taya Barnett
Diversity and Inclusion Officer – Urvi Bharania

General Committee

Education Officer – James Fung
Publications & Promotions Officers – Alicja Orlowska and Renee Ju
Events Officer – Keerthi Yadav and Andrew Zeng
Sponsorship Officers – Adham Elsiwy and Mark Youssef
Technical Officers – Carl Xing
Sustainability Officer – Amirahmad Azhieh
Community Engagement Officer – Ming-Rui (Louise) Seet
AMSA Representative – Rohan Patel
Global Health Collective (Co-Chair) – Bilal Hafeez and Rohan Patel


Graduation Year Book Editor – Soobin Lee
Grand Medical Ball Convenors – Peter Lejins and Matthew Forrest
Peer Tutoring Coordinator – Anna Sing and Jessica Han
Peer Mentoring Coordinator  – Mishka Amarasekara
Orchestra Chair – Callie Stavrou
Medcamp Convenors – Tim Utama

Representative Team

MD1 – James Marchant and Kelvin Le
MPH Rep – Lucy Fraenkel
International Students Rep – Cassie Huang


Clinical School Representative – Emma Klein
Third Year Representative – Bilal Hafeez
Final Year Representative – Alannah Horvat


Clinical School Representative – Evan Tomaras
Third Year Representative – Nicholas Semmens
Final Year Representative – Jane Song


Clinical School Representative – Lachie Dodds
Third Year Representative – Hugo Klempfner
Final Year Representative – Doris Huang

St Vincent’s

Clinical School Representative – Bianca Shinya
Third Year Representative – Andy Wu
Final Year Representative – Iva Lepojevic


Clinical School Representative – Dominic Brown
Third Year Representative – Shady Rizk
Final Year Representative – Blake McLeod


Clinical School Representative – Sunny Yuqing Lu
Third Year Representative – Winnie Lay
Final Year Representative – Can Ertan


Moovin’ Health Officers – Catherine (Catie) Nesbitt and Yong Deng
Final Year Representative – TBA