UMMSS Committee 2021

This year’s committee consists of over 50 medical students, with many more involved in our subcommittees. Click on the links to contact the relevant committee member.

Note: if the email links are not working please troubleshoot here

Executive Team

President – Audilia Sujana
Vice President External – Luke Foley
Vice President Internal – Erene Sakabetis
Treasurer – Zacchary Tamsett
Secretary – Amy Luo
Sponsorship Officers – Arjun Srikanth and Kayvan Gharbi
Events Officer – Sarina Moshfegh
Community & Wellbeing Officer – Christine He
First Nations Officer – Amy Searle
Diversity and Inclusion Officer – Chantel Castelino

General Committee

Education Officer – Vandita Mattoo
Publications & Promotions Officers – Katerina Mitsinikos and Jenny Shi
Technical Officers – Taek Jeong and Steven Lin
AMSA Representative – Jared Tan
Junior AMSA Representative – Callie Stavrou
Global Health Collective (Chair) – Grace Newman
Global Health Collective (Vice-Chair) – Sherri Xu


Graduation Year Book Editor –
Grand Medical Ball Convenors – Molly Wang and Erene Sakabetis
Peer Tutoring Coordinator – Georgia Bradford
Peer Mentoring Coordinator  – Ian Haryono and Kimberley Cao
Orchestra Chair – George Zographos
Medcamp Convenors – Kayvan Gharbi and Ludmilla Pilay

Representative Team

MD1 – Michael Barrese and Aleah Kink
MPH Rep – Jasmine Davis
MCR Rep – Philip Jakanovski
International Students Rep – Fei Yang


Clinical School Representative – Darcy Vickers
Third Year Representative – Nicole Wei
Final Year Representative – Gabrielle Hoskin


Clinical School Representative – Taya Barnett
Third Year Representative – Jeremy Katanas
Final Year Representative – Krisha Changrani


Clinical School Representative – Salma Nasimi
Third Year Representative – Sanlin Fisher
Final Year Representative – Jelyn Thong

St Vincent’s

Clinical School Representative – Angelo Kim
Third Year Representative – Ray Shen
Final Year Representative – Preeya Gunness


Clinical School Representative – Blake McLeod
Third Year Representative – Saad Fahd
Final Year Representative – Rebecca Pearce


Clinical School Representative – Jessie Li Tan
Third Year Representative – James Egerton
Final Year Representative – Thang Dao


Moovin’ Health Officers – Jasraaj Singh and Emily Bugeja
Final Year Representative – Jocelyn O’Malley and Emily Lawson